Best Emoji Removers to Remove Emojis from Pictures [Online/PC/Mobile] (2023)

Thanks to technology, editing photos have become easy. You can crop and rotate a photo, add filters, and even add emojis. While removing emojis is easy while you are editing an image and have not saved your work, but what if you have and want to get rid of the emojis you added to the picture? How to go about that?

So, if you want toremoveanemoji fromapictureand the picture is already saved, don’t worry; this post will help you learn about the top ways to remove it. Keep reading!

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01 Best Emoji Removers Online to Remove Emojis from Pictures

02 Best Emoji Removers on Windows/Mac Computer

03 Best Emoji Remover Apps on iPhone and Android

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Part 1: Best Emoji Removers Online to Remove Emojis from Pictures

1. Inpaint

Best Emoji Removers to Remove Emojis from Pictures [Online/PC/Mobile] (1)

So, the first onlineemoji removerthat you can try is Inpaint. This is a simple to use tool and will remove unwanted objects, such as emojis, from a picture by intelligently filling it with textures that match the surrounding image data.

The image formats Inpaint accepts are JPG, WebP, and PNG. Just remember to use only the recommended image formats, and you can start using them right away. You don’t need to log in or sign up to start using it.


  • An online tool that removes unwanted objects quickly.
  • You don’t need to sign up or log in.
  • It accepts JPG, PNG, and WebP formats.
  • 4.2MP is the maximum image resolution.


2. Pixlr

Best Emoji Removers to Remove Emojis from Pictures [Online/PC/Mobile] (2)

The next popular online tool is Pixlr. Pixlr is a popular photo editing tool that allows you to fix your pictures as well. You can use the tool online either using your computer web browser or mobile.

Whatever works for you. It doesn’t only let you remove emojis but erase background as well. But since you want to remove emojis, you will have to add the image and click on the retouch button from the toolbar. Then, you need to click on the image multiple times so that its surroundings overlap the emojis.


  • Pixlr can be used on both mobile and web browsers.
  • Multiple photo editing tools are available.
  • Removes emojis by blending them with the surroundings.
  • Using Pixlr is easy and convenient.


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3. Fotor

Best Emoji Removers to Remove Emojis from Pictures [Online/PC/Mobile] (3)

Fotor is a professional photo editing tool, which lets you clone an emoji with a part of the image. The online tool asks you to sign up using your Google account to save your work. So, if you want to knowhow to remove emoji fromaphoto, you can use the clone feature.

Once you upload an image with emojis, move your cursor to the tool section in the left menu bar. Scroll down, and you will see the Clone option. Touch one part of the image that you want to use instead of the emoji. The first dot will be the area you want to clone and place the second dot on the emoji. And all done.



  • You can clone the emoji to remove it.
  • A professional tool with lots of editing features.
  • One needs to sign up or log in before using Fotor.
  • The tool retains the original picture quality.

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Part 2: Best Emoji Removers on Windows/Mac Computer

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is arguably one of the best photo editing tools that only allows you to enhance a photo but fix issues, such as removing emojis, unwanted objects, and so on. Adobe Photoshop is a professional tool and might not be the best for those new to it, but if you have used Adobe Photoshop earlier, you can use the Lasso Tool or the Marqueel Tool, which you will find on the left toolbar to remove emojis and unwanted items. Once done, save the image, and yes, the original picture quality will be retained.

Key Features

  • A professional photo editing tool.
  • It has multiple photo editing features and lets you remove emojis.
  • You can draw on the emoji with a pen or pencil.
  • It autosaves your work.

2. Wondershare Fotophire

Wondershare Fotophire is a fantastic photo editing tool that works magically on all kinds of images. Whether your photo is loaded with multiple emojis, you can remove them easily using Fotophire. If you are thinking abouthow to remove emojis from picturesusing Fotophire, it’s pretty easy.

You need to clone any part of the image, and the tool will automatically use its algorithm to fill the emoji with its surroundings so that the filled area looks natural and blends well with the rest of the photo. Fotophire is a good option for both beginners and pros.

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Key Features

  • It removes all kinds of unwanted objects from an image, including emojis.
  • Using Fotophire is easy and convenient.
  • A good tool for both pros and beginners.
  • Background doesn’t get impacted, and the original image quality remains intact.


GIMP is a free and open-source photo editor, which allows you to remove emojis from a photo. It is available for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. GIMP has been designed for everyone who would want their picture to look better.

If you wish to manipulate a high-quality image, you don’t have to worry about that because it accepts bigger-size photos as well. GIMP lets you clone an area and use that part on the emoji. You can also adjust the opacity of the cloned item depending on your requirements.

Key Features

  • It lets you clone the surrounding area to hide an emoji.
  • Accepts all the top image formats.
  • It doesn’t pixelate the image after editing it.
  • A free tool to use with lots of photo editing features.

4. Jihosoft Photo Eraser

Jihosoft Photo Eraser is a good photo editor tool that removes emojis or unwanted objects from an image by analyzing the surroundings. Once done, it will fill the selected emojis with the intelligently-generated textures. If you no longer want the emojis to be there is an image, Jihosoft Photo Eraser will be an ideal tool to use. The tool’s primary purpose is to remove unwanted items from an image, which is why it is an excellent software to go for.

Key Features

  • It removes unwanted objects, such as emojis, from a photo.
  • It allows the cloning of things to replace emojis.
  • Using Jihosoft Photo Eraser is easy.
  • The photo quality remains intact.

Part 3: Best Emoji Remover Apps on iPhone and Android

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing app that is available for both iPhone and Android users. It has a masking feature, which lets you mask any object in a photo, including an emoji. Snapseed is a good tool to get rid of unwanted items from any image.

It has around 29 photo editing tools, which will help a user to enhance the photo quality. Using it is very easy because all the tools are readily available on the main screen. You just need to select the right tool and get started with the work.

Key Features

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  • It helps in removing emojis and unwanted objects from a photo.
  • It works on both RAW and JPG files.
  • It has multiple photo editing tools.
  • Using Snapseed is easy.

2. AirBrush

Best Emoji Removers to Remove Emojis from Pictures [Online/PC/Mobile] (4)

AirBrush is a leading photo editing tool for iPhone users and has a high rating of 4.9. The tool makes editing an image effortlessly. If you don’t want the emojis to ruin your photo, use AirBrush to deal with it quickly. Moreover, it lets you edit your photos further, for example, remove blemishes, make the image look smooth and glowing, add filters to give it a magical touch, and so much more! The tool has quite a lot of features that you will like.

Key Features

  • It removes emojis and unwanted objects from an image.
  • Using AirBrush is easy.
  • It removes emojis quickly.
  • It has many photo editing tools.

3. TouchRetouch

If you are looking for a professional photo editing tool that will let you do much more than just remove emojis, you should try TouchRetouch. You can use it to remove unwanted items, such as emojis, lines, blemishes, imperfections, and more.

It has a rating of 4.8, which is great looking at the kind of photo editing features TouchRetouch offers. No matter what objects you want to get rid of in your photo, TouchRetouch can let you do that easily.

Key Features

  • It removes all kinds of unwanted objects quickly.
  • It provides you with a single-flick line removal function.
  • TouchRetouch is easy to use.
  • It offers easy to understand tutorials.

FAQ About Removing Emojis from Pictures

How Do I Remove an Emoji from a Hidden Face?

It depends on the kind of tool you have picked. Typically, the tool will let you select the emoji and mask it with its surroundings to blend in well. So, let’s say you are on a dating site and you can’t see how the person looks like because they have hidden their face with an emoji.

In such a case, even if you use an emoji remover tool, it won’t show the actual face, instead replace it with the surrounding. Emoji removal tools are for personal use only.

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So, now you know about the easy ways to remove emojis from pictures. Try any of the tools and remove unwanted objects and emojis from any photo you want. The tools that we have listed here are trusted by many and are easy to use.


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