CamWiz Webcam Recorder vs. WidsMob Capture Comparison (2023)

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  • CallCabinet

    CallCabinet is a proven, cloud-native compliance call recording solution for the world’s most heavily regulated industries. An award-winning SaaS solution, CallCabinet records every audio, video and screen interaction – simplifying compliance, quality assurance and business intelligence for any enterprise.Gain compliance peace of mind with complete compliance call recording, automated quality assurance and unlimited voice analytics.As the pioneers of true cloud technology, CallCabinet specializes in protecting enterprises with regulatory compliance recording for the world’s most tightly regulated industries.With a fast deployment and painless migration of legacy data, CallCabinet strategically brings voice data insights into your BI platform to mitigate business risks.Ensure the core compliance that global enterprise demands.


    What is Raken?Raken’s field management software helps you collect accurate project data in real time. From digital documentation and production tracking to safety tools, you’ll have the insights you need to improve your projects—and reduce costs. No more messy paperwork.The mobile field apps for iOS and Android make remote collaboration easy, too. With the mobile app, field crews can input project data on the go. They can even upload time-stamped photos, videos, and notes for better visibility. Then, all that data is automatically uploaded to the web app for the office. With everything stored in one place, you’ll have accurate records to protect your business from litigation or risk.More than 4,500 construction companies use Raken to connect the field to the office. Empower everyone to do their jobs more efficiently with Raken today.

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  • ClickLearn

    Digital Adoption and User Training in One Solution.ClickLearn is a Digital Adoption Platform, which captures work processes in enterprise software. The platform auto-produces learning content in 7 formats and 45 languages, creates a customizable e-learning portal and keeps documentation current with automatic updates.The unique recording technology behind ClickLearn saves time and ensures that users are successfully onboarded into your business software by automating the process of creating training material and documentation.When processes are recorded using ClickLearn, with a single click customers can produce step-by-step instructions, virtual assistance, e-learning, and interactive process videos in more than 45 languages.And with each software release, customers can automatically update their content including screenshots with a click of a button.It is easy to get started, with no complexity and no infrastructure is required.

  • RingCentral MVP

    RingCentral MVP is a powerful cloud-based phone system that helps optimize your business communications. Providing enterprise-grade business communication tools for voice, fax, text, and video as well as bring your own device to work (BYOD) capability, RingCentral MVP enables you to work where you want and how you want. Core features of RingCentral MVP include auto-recording, conferencing, and unlimited long-distance and local calling. RingCentral MVP's call management features can also be customized by configuring call forwarding, answering rules, message alerts, and missed-call notifications.

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  • Charityproud

    Charityproud is an online donor management system that allows you to access your information anywhere, anytime. Backed by nonprofit and tech industry professionals, Charityproud anticipates your needs and provides an easier way to evaluate your donors, donations, campaigns, events, volunteers, grants, and analytics to increase donor engagement and giving. The staff is more than prepared to provide the individualized service needed to get clients, especially first timers who may need reassurance while developing their ideal site, an awesome experience and result for the organization involved. From small to large nonprofit organizations, for those with or without an accounting system, Charityproud adapts to your situation. If you're using spreadsheets for record-keeping, you might be surprised how much time an online donor management system can save, and how much insight you can gain from our reporting tools. We can ease the transition by helping import your records.

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  • Reactiv SUITE

    Reactiv SUITE makes remote meetings engaging and helps you to connect with your audience. Control your camera and stand out, don't just be a tiny thumbnail on the bottom of the screen. Display, organize, manipulate, and annotate content as naturally as paper. Easily present multiple types of information, jump to any topic, and seamlessly capture feedback without the limitations of traditional screen sharing tools. Even record video messages that can be easily shared via email or social media.The 'Digital Table' allows you to create an immersive and engaging meeting experience where you can present any type of content.The ‘Digital Wall’ where you can pin any type of file and write, illustrate, type, and create layouts that visually convey and share your ideas during your next remote meeting. Break out of your static notes and use multimedia content and diagrams to accurately represent

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  • GoTo Meeting

    GoTo Meeting provides a fast, easy and reliable online meeting solution designed to power workforce productivity. Build better relationships and drive business outcomes by meeting face to face, sharing presentations and chatting with colleagues all with the click of a button. Leveraged by many of the largest companies around the world, GoTo Meeting is trusted by millions of people everyday for professional real-time virtual communication and collaboration. Meet confidently with crystal clear audio and video over a simple and intuitive interface. GoTo Meeting Smart Assistant takes productivity to the next level with time saving features like meeting transcripts. GoTo Meeting mobile apps give you the power to meet seamlessly no matter where you are in the world.

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  • FixMe.IT

    Cost-effective remote support application designed for delivering unattended and on-demand support to clients located anywhere in the world. Seamlessly fast and easy to use, FixMe.IT instantly connects you to any remote computer and allows to transfer files as well as switch between multiple sessions, thereby saving you time, effort, and money. Purpose-built for sole proprietors, SMBs and global corporations across different sectors and industries, FixMe.IT offers multi-session handling, unattended access, 2FA, two-way desktop sharing, video-session recording, multi-window control, whiteboard tools, and much more.

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  • Pickit

    Pickit aims to be the smartest, simplest DAM platform on the planet, making it easier than ever to source, store, share, organize, and optimize digital assets.Statistically, 70% of digital assets are underused or never used at all, making most content creation a total waste of time. And dollars. Common causes are scattered files, multiple storage systems, and complicated DAMs nobody wants to use.Pickit solves that with a single source of truth for all your visual assets, documents, templates, and guidelines, all integrated with your favorite applications.Pickit Enterprise includes:- Media Asset Management- Document Management- Brand Management- License Management- Pickit Insights™- Content Creation- Pickit Boards™- Pickit Transfer™- Pickit Family™- External Sharing & Collaboration- Organization Access & SSO- User Management- Pickit Academy™- Media Markets- Pickit Stock™- Plug & Play Integrations- Pickit APIDAM smart. DAM simple.™

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  • AgeChecker.Net

    AgeChecker.Net provides an easy checkout experience while keeping your site up to date with the latest age regulations in your industry. More than 90% of customers are verified instantly with our extensive database of trusted records and intelligent matching technology. Keep up to date with the latest FDA age requirements, state laws, and merchant account policies. Our verification rules are customizable. Reduce cart abandonment and customer frustration over competing systems. Customers are verified directly on your website during checkout. We are a real age verification solution, not just a pop-up! We match customer information from your checkout form against our identity networks to verify that a customer meets your minimum age requirements. All major e-commerce platforms are supported. When a customer is ready to place their order, the AgeChecker.Net popup will appear and explain the verification process and why it is required.


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